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Why we love local at Coldharbour Farm

We hope you agree with us that there’s something incredibly satisfying about enjoying a meal made from locally sourced ingredients. At Coldharbour Farm Shop and Field Kitchen in the heart of East Devon we take great pride in our commitment to supporting local producers, not just for food but in other aspects of our business.

home grown vegetables at Coldharbour Farm Shop

Freshness guaranteed

When you choose local produce, you’ll experience freshness like no other. Wherever possible we include locally grown and locally raised produce. Our pork and lamb comes from our own farm, so it can’t get fresher than that! It’s the same story with many ingredients we use, with fish fresh from Brixham, eggs from Farstrete Barton, free range chicken and duck from Creedy Carver, cheeses from Sharpham and Hawkridge, and other meat from Haymans in Ottery. This freshness not only enhances the flavour of our dishes but also ensures that you’re getting the highest quality ingredients available.

Supporting the community

By sourcing our ingredients locally, we support hardworking farmers and producers in our community. As farmers ourselves we know how hard everyone works to make a living so we’re more than happy to choose local and help sustain their livelihoods. Of course it’s a mutually beneficial relationship as they provide us with exceptional ingredients! In the Farm Shop you’ll also find lots of lovely treats made by South West makers, from food and homeware to delightful gifts.

Ensuring high animal welfare

We understand the vegetarian standpoint, but we’re meat eaters and our menu reflects this! We believe that you’re going to eat meat, eat meat that comes from animals raised well. Because we raise animals ourselves, we expect the same standards of welfare from our suppliers. Here in Devon, we’re fortunate to be able to work with businesses who have a sound ethos, whose animals have space to roam and enjoy freedom.

Reducing environmental impact

Being sustainable is a big part of Coldharbour’s aims. We know that when we buy local, we’re reducing our carbon footprint. Cutting down on food miles helps minimise emissions from transportation. Add this to our other initiatives including solar panels (we’re totally off grid, more of that soon!), when you dine at our Field Kitchen, you can feel good knowing that you’re making a positive contribution to the planet.

Embracing seasonality

The food we offer changes regularly, allowing us to showcase the freshest ingredients available. From crisp spring greens to hearty winter squash, there’s something special about enjoying food at its peak ripeness. Don’t forget to try Coldharbour’s apple juice, made using our own apples that ripen in late summer and early autumn.

Making friends

Coldharbour Farm food people

At Coldharbour Field Kitchen, we love to see our food bringing people together. We’re fortunate in having a wonderful customer base who appreciate what we’re doing. And we love it when you start talking to diners on the table next to you! Our quizzes, comedy nights, pizza in the paddock days (with all those lovely pooches) all give rise to a wonderful camaraderie. And remember, when you dine with us, you’re not just enjoying a meal – you’re connecting with the farmers, producers, and fellow food lovers who make it all possible. We like to think it’s a celebration of community and camaraderie, where strangers become friends over shared plates and shared stories.

It’s not just about the food!

Did you know that the Field Kitchen was designed and built by locals? They include an Ottery based architect and builder to the electrician from Sidmouth, carpenter from Exmouth, glass from Honiton Glass, with carpets from Carpets Collect in Ottery and an array of solar panels from Off Grid Systems in Clyst Honiton. When we added our outdoor kitchen in 2023 we welcomed some of the team back to do their stuff again. They’re simply the best!

So there are plenty of reasons to love local, and at Coldharbour Farm we’re proud to champion the joys of keeping as much as possible close to home. So come browse our wares, or join us at the table, and let’s raise a toast to the incredible bounty of glorious Devon.

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