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Wood fired pizza

Summer is almost here and at Coldharbour Field Kitchen in East Devon we’re already offering our summer menu. This includes our delicious wood fired pizzas, made in our outdoor kitchen using our fabulous wood fired oven, which arrived in 2023. The pizzas are already going down a storm. So what is it that makes wood fired pizzas a great choice for summer dining? Could it be the smoky, crisp crust? Or the divinely melted toppings?

Wood smoke

Something that definitely makes wood fired pizzas extra special is the unique wood smoke flavour. It’s something you can’t get from a conventional oven using electricity or gas. We use locally sourced, sustainable wood that provides the signature smoky aroma. The oven itself gets really hot, creating a blistered crust. The toppings remain fresh and tasty. So the smoky flavour and unique texture are what makes the difference from a pizza cooked by other methods.

Wood fired oven

Speedy cooking
We mentioned the heat of the oven, which can get up to 480°C or more – scorchio! The heat cooks the pizzas rapidly which is a great way of making sure the ingredients keep their texture and their flavours. And while the crust is crispy, the rest of the pizza retains its chewiness. The toppings are cooked, but not overdone. This perfect balance is much easier to achieve with a wood fired oven, just ask our customers!

Getting social
We love promoting all things social at Coldharbour, and we give a warm welcome to larger groups, friends, families or co-workers. And what’s better in the summer than gathering on our extensive decking to enjoy a freshly made pizza, cooked before your eyes? As the pizza are served to your table you can choose to keep yours to yourself – or share it with the group (much more sensible).

Fresh ingredients
We’re committed to providing only the most delicious food using fresh produce, locally sourced and seasonal as much as possible. The summer offers an abundance of choices for pizza toppings, from vibrant tomatoes and crunchy peppers to home grown herbs, yummy cheese and tasty meat from the farm. What’s great about wood fired cooking is that the toppings are cooked just the right amount to let out their individual flavours without losing the texture and interest. So a well made wood fire pizza is not just a delicious treat – it celebrates the generosity of summer ingredients.

Topping it off!
While the choice of toppings is, in theory, limitless, we believe that putting together the right combinations is what makes a wood fired pizza perfect. So we have spent time playing with different ingredients to achieve what we believe is a great pizza menu with something for everyone. Choose from Margharita, Pepperoni, Beetroot & Feta, Hot & Spicy with our own pulled pork, Truffle Bianca with garlic mushrooms and Prosciutto.

Catering to individual needs
We will always try to provide alternatives for those with dietary requirements, we can, for example, offer gluten free wood fired pizzas. If you have a particular allergy it’s always safest to call ahead so we can confirm that we can meet your needs. After all, we want everyone to be able to enjoy our glorious wood fired pizzas!

When you can enjoy Coldharbour’s wood fired pizzas

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Friday and Saturday 5 to 8pm
Sunday 1 to 8pm

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