Coldharbour Field Kitchen Sustainability Policy

I. Mission Statement

A. Coldharbour Field Kitchen is dedicated to sustainability. We pledge to champion local producers, minimize waste, and take care of our environment through conscious sourcing, renewable practices, and community engagement.

II. Sustainable Sourcing

A. We use locally sourced produce and ingredients as far as possible, intentionally supporting local producers and makers. This includes food and beverages. Our lamb and pork are sourced from our own farm. We make our own chutneys, preserves and apple juice.
B. We ensure our meat, fish and game suppliers have high welfare and ethical standards. Our own animals are raised in natural conditions with space to roam. Meat is sourced within a 2 mile radius.
C. Where possible we use seasonal produce to reflect the natural growing seasons.

III. Waste Reduction and Recycling

A. We are a zero waste business. Our partner is TRASH who recycle all waste with nothing going to landfill.
B. The Field Kitchen was built using upcycled and recycled materials. New structures utilise such materials where possible.

IV. Energy Efficiency

A. Coldharbour Farm is off grid. We have 88 430w panels and 10 storage batteries to power our business with a backup generator if needed.
B. Fuel: our outdoor kitchen uses locally sourced wood for cooking in a wood-fired oven.

V. Water Conservation

A. Coldharbour Farm is not on mains water. We use natural spring water in our operations. We comply with the Drinking Water Inspectorate s requirements and recommendations. Water sample testing is carried out every year and a risk assessment every 5 years in accordance with the Private Water Supply Regulations 2016.
B. Soakaways go on to Coldharbour farmland.

VI. Environment

A. We use no chemicals on our land and commit to wildlife enhancement not control.

VII. Community Engagement

A. Coldharbour Farm participates in multiple events that showcase local produce and promote local producers.
B. We collaborate with local suppliers and businesses to promote sustainability.
C. We encourage visits from walking and cycling groups who have less impact on the environment.
D. We regularly hold events to support local charities.

VIII. Continuous Improvement

A. We monitor our actions and proactively plan ahead for further improvements to our sustainability credentials.

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