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Coldharbour Field Kitchen

Everyone knows that when the sun comes out, we all start feeling a bit more positive. After a bit of a damp squib start to summer 2024 we’re finally seeing some of those rays and goodness, it really does lift our spirits!

In scientific terms, it’s serotonin that makes us feel happier. This is a hormone whose release is triggered by sunlight. It’s a mood booster which helps us to feel more positive and optimistic. You know that feeling you get when you step outside into the sun (instead of grey drizzle!). That’s serotonin for you.

Then there are circadian rhythms – our 24 hour clock that influences alertness and sleepiness, our wake-sleep patterns. When it’s gloomy the body isn’t quite sure what state it’s supposed to be in. When the sun comes out, it falls into a more natural pattern of being awake and being ready for bed. Circadian rhythms are also affected by the timing of when you eat (we can help you with that, breakfast from 9am!). Getting your rhythm right can help with wellbeing and emotions.

Sunshine and vitamin D go hand in hand, but why? Vitamin D helps with your immune system and bone and teeth health. It supports your body in absorbing calcium and is also said to help lower the risk of some nasty diseases.

Thoughts of exercise are boosted by sunshine. Ever thought about going for a run then looked outside and changed your mind? Those of us who are dog walkers (lots of us!) can get really ground down by rain and mud – we’ve seen so much mud around East Hill Strips this year, it’s definitely dryer now.

There’s also a lot to be said for simply relaxing in the sunshine. And at Coldharbour we have the perfect place for you. Our decking is a real sun trap, so slap on the suncream and enjoy al fresco dining with the best of local flavours. Perhaps a pint of Sandford Orchards Cider or a pint of Otter ale to accompany your meal? And don’t forget to drink plenty of water, freely available for our customers (including pooches). We have plenty of parasols to provide shade, too.

Not forgetting our festival the Solstice Sessions this weekend. The weather looks set fair (there may be a little rain on Saturday morning so be prepared). Make the most of it and come and enjoy a huge variety of music from seasoned performers, young musicians, community choirs and more. And enjoy yoga outdoors with Emily Dommet – that’ll get your serotonin levels boosted!

Let’s raise a cheer to the good old British summer. We never quite no what to expect, but when that sun comes out, we know how to enjoy it.