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Green parsley

For customers of an eaterie like ours, is it really important to know that we are committed to environment? Surely it’s more important that we serve really delicious food!

Well actually, we think the two things go hand in hand. Because part of the sustainability drive is to use local producers and keep food miles down. Fresh ingredients, grown locally by producers who put their heart and soul into their work, that’s why our food tastes so great.

But there’s more to being green than supporting local. Here are just some of the ways we are doing our bit to care for the environment.

Powered by the sun

Coldharbour Farm is off grid. So we have had to look to alternative options to power our operations, both the Field Kitchen and the Farm Shop. The roof of the new Field Kitchen was designed to bear solar panels. We initially had 36 panels and 10 storage batteries and we have added 16 more panels on to our nearby barn conversion. Being reliant on the power of the sun has made us really think about our menus. We don’t have a super-extensive menu, but we focus 100% on quality.

Cooking over wood

We believe our wood fired oven offers a sustainable cooking option. There are no greenhouse gasses or harmful pollutants emitted during cooking. Cooking over wood is a very efficient method. And of course, we source our wood locally.

Water source

Did you know our water comes from a natural spring on the farm? As well as being off grid for power, we are also off grid for water! So you’re enjoying your cuppas made with our own spring water, which has been approved by the drinking inspectorate.

Waste management

We’re big on recycling waste, in fact all our waste is recycled, including food waste which is composted by TRASH Waste. Even so, we use as much as possible from every food product and always aim to end up with as little waste as possible.

Off grid music

If you came to our Summer Sessions in 2023 or are visiting our Solstice Sessions in 2024, you’ll be bopping away to live music in a totally off grid festival! And you’ll be enjoying your beverages from reusable festival cups or corn starch glasses and eating from recyclable cardboard food containers.

We’re always thinking of new ways to improve our green credentials and we have some great ideas cooking up for the next year. So watch this space!

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