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Andrea's Yorkshire puds

Andrea’s Yorkshire Pud Hack!

You don’t need scales to make impressive Yorkshires. Here’s how I do it:


Plain flour



Oil of choice, or dripping


Preheat the oven to 200C

Find a suitable vessel to measure your ingredients depending on the size of batch you want to make – I use a 1 litre jug to make batches of 36 puds.

jugs, glasses, mugs

Select your jug, cup, pot or glass and fill it with plain flour

Tip into a mixing bowl

Fill your selected vessel with eggs and tip into the bowl with the flour

Add the same amount of semi-skimmed or half-fat milk and half water to the eggs and flour

Season with salt (and pepper if you want to) and whisk to a smooth batter

Squirt a bit of oil, or place a piece of dripping, into the bottom of your Yorkshire pudding tray, place in the oven and heat until the oil is smoking

Take the tray out of the oven and ladle the batter into the moulds

Place back into the oven, set a timer for 18 minutes, after about 5 minutes reduce the heat slightly to about 190C


After about 18 minutes the Yorkshires are usually set and won’t deflate if you open the door.

After that time you can turn the tray in the oven for an even cook. When golden & crispy take out and enjoy.

Alternatively, treat yourself to a Coldharbour Sunday Roast – but hurry as we’re changing our Sunday menu soon and you’ll have to wait until the autumn!

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